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Packing pistachio skin

بسته بندی مکانیزه پوست پسته بسته بندی پوست پسته همه ساله بیش از یک پنجم فرآورده‌های غذایی کشورهای جهان سوم به صورت ضایعات بر اثر فساد ناشی از عوامل گوناگون فیزیکی، شیمیایی و بیولوژیکی در مراحل مختلف کاشت، داشت، برداشت، پس از برداشت، توزیع و مصرف از بین می‌روند.پسته نیز یکی از محصولات مهم کشاورزی […]

مزایای سامانه ضد تگرگ

سامانه ضد تگرگ

سامانه ضد تگرگ سامانه ضد تگرگ به دو صورت نیمه هوشمند و بصورت کاملا” هوشمند طراحی و ساخته شده است سامانه ضد تگرگ جهت حفاظت مزراع، باغات کشاورزی و اماکن شهری و صنعتی (پارکینگ شرکتهای خودرو سازی) از آسیب و خسارت ناشی از بارش دانه‌های تگرگ ساخته شده که با انفجار گاز استیلن در یک […]

Pistachio shell packing workshop

packing workshop of Skin and pistachio twigs

Pistachio shell packing workshop   Pistachio shell packing workshop  and twigs of pistachio with accompany the honorable authorities  the dairy Ministry  of Jihad Agriculture

Mechanized packaging of pistachio skin

pistachio shell packing

Pistachio shell packing ۱۳۹۶-۰۲-۱۲ / Comments / In Training, News, Articles / By Pistachio shell  peimary shell of pistachio Every year more than a fifth of the food products of Third World countries In the form of waste due to corruption caused by various physical, chemical and biological factors In steps Different planting, growing, harvesting, […]

corn silge

Livestock Forage Corn – Quality Forage Corn Properties – Its Advantages and Disadvantages

What is a forage corn of livestock? Livestock forage corn is used as a high-energy feed for dairy cows. Forage corn is the most important crop for high-yielding herds and is important in farms that have problems producing or purchasing high quality dry forage crops. Also, fooder corn, given its relatively high energy, is suitable […]

غذای کامل دام

بلوک غذای کامل دام چیست ؟

Complete livestock feed بلوک غذای کامل دام چیست ؟ محصولی است که در آن علوفه و مواد خشبی به همراه مواد متراکم (کنسانتره) و افزودنی‌های مغذی از جمله مواد معدنی ویتامین‌ها و دیگر ریز مغزی‌ها کاملن مخلوت شده و بصورت بلوک‌های فشرده شده به ابعاد مورد نظر آماده می‌شود. قابلیت‌های بلوک غذای کامل دام: دسترسی آزادانه حیوان به […]

corn silage packing machine

Corn silage packing machine , a new trend in corn silage packaging

new trend in corn silage packaging: Many farmers can use a new product called ” Corn silage packing machine ” to wrap corn in multi-kilo packages and compress it. According to forage corn experts, corn packaging systems and devices were introduced in the mid-1990s that Used for packing nutritious, high quality and durable corn silage. […]

hail control device

What is an Anti hail Device ? how it works?

Hail control device Before the 80s, humans tried to change the climate by using dance hybaran, prayers, spell, ringing church bells. over time, an interesting new form of changing  technology of climate and reforming climate change  came to be called the Anti Hail Device What is an Anti hail Device ? An anti hail device […]

packing machine

Types of packing machine and their applications

The packing machine performs the packaging process step by step The packing machine performs the packaging process step by step There are various types of packing machine available in the market such as sealing machine, filling machine Filling station, strapping or connecting device, Packaging with nylon or paper sheets  Encoder and labeling machine. Packing Machine […]

Green corn

Storing forage corn

Length of Green corn pieces: Forage corn should be cut to 0.5-1.5 inches. Particles of this size can be packed more tightly into silos and are more tasty to cattle. With a second cut, Green corn can be made with very good cuts. Doing so will increase the amount of dry matter that can be […]

Anti-hail system - Aria Sanat Asrar

anti hail system

Anti-hail system _ The system is designed in both semi-smart and completely intelligent design. The above-mentioned system for the protection of farms, agricultural gardens and industrial and urban spaces (parking of automobile companies) was made from the damage caused by the precipitation of hailstone Which was blown up by acetylene gas in a special explosive […]

manufacture new MG device - arya sanat asrar

manufacture new MG device

Advantages of MG device compared to EM: ۱-Due to the segmentation of the weighing section from product press, the packaging speed of the machine has Increased to 3.5 packs per minute. ۲-Due to separation of press parts from sewing and packaging, Excess water is completely evacuated from corn And after the packing step is done […]

packing of pistachio shell

Holding The first national conference on mechanized packing of pistachio shell in Iran Esfahan . Mahabad Ardestan 1395/7/17

Mechanized pistachio skin packaging

Food Industry Exhibition

Attending Asa Company in Tehran International Exhibition

Aria Sanat Asrar Company’s presence in Tehran Animal and Food Industry Exhibition Aria Sanat Asrar Company Manufacturer of packaging machines, forage maize packaging, pistachio skin packing, etc. was present at the Tehran Animal and Food Industry Exhibition and was welcomed.  

forage corn packaging

Launch of new forage corn packaging production line in Isfahan province

Launch of new forage corn packaging production line in Isfahan province Hello dear friends Arya sanat asrar Company has launched a new animal feed packaging machine production line in Isfahan province of Mahabad and congratulating all of my dear colleagues in this company.

corn silage packing mach ine - arya sanat asrar company | Corn Packing Machine

set up Arya Sanat Asrar Company

Arya Sanat Asrar company The main activity of the arya sanat asrar company  is emphasizing the completion of the mechanization of corn fodder including cultivation,growing, harvesting, packing,and silage With capability of   Movement and storage facility three year, Currently cultivating, growing and harvesting corn in the country has been fully mechanized but Unfortunately, transportation and making […]