Selling forage corn in different tonnages


Sample of fodder packaging and silage

Samples of pistachio skin packaging and silage

Sample of alfalfa packaging and silage

How to store

How to store sample fodder corn packaging for export

done projects

The multiplicity of ASA equipment and projects shows the high level of ability and customer satisfaction.Climatic diversity and dispersion of the devices of the company show the high capabilities of the device and compatibility with any environmental and work environment.


The 30kg corn silage packing machine manufactured by Ariya Sanat Asrar placed in the list of subsidized facilities of Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture

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  • All Aria Sanat Asrar forage corn packing machines have the required certificates and standards.

Quality in manufacturing and raw materials is the most important principle of producing a product. This is not our slogan, it is the law of labor.

Why Aria Sanat Asrar Forage Corn Packing Machine?

  • The only manufacturing facility (Iran), which is approved by the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad.
  • Our expert team is made up of highly educated, experienced and young people
  • We have brilliant and long experience in the design and manufacture of forage packaging machines
  • We have brilliant record in providing services and support for the company’s sold devices
  • collection with maximum speed and precision in making the device and providing services
  •  The high number of devices sold by the company along with the climatic expansion
  •  Cost-effective purchasing of Iranian machine toward foreign samples

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In the first step, customer satisfaction is our most important concern.

in this way if you trust us for buy corn silage packing machine

Undoubtedly your projects will be done with the best possible quality

And in this regard, we will support our dear customers 24/7.

  • Enjoy the latest world knowledge

    Aria Sanat Asrar Company in the design and manufacture of fodder corn packaging machines (silo corn packaging) continuously uses the latest technologies in mechanics and electronics and constantly updates this.

  • We know what you want

    Years of experience and knowledge in the field of agriculture and its integration with industry, has caused agricultural gaps to appear more than anyone.

  • Product support

    One-year warranty of the device along with services and product support is the most important and significant factor in the success of our collection.

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