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Livestock Forage Corn – Quality Forage Corn Properties – Its Advantages and Disadvantages

What is a forage corn of livestock?

Livestock forage corn is used as a high-energy feed for dairy cows. Forage corn is the most important crop for high-yielding herds and is important in farms that have problems producing or purchasing high quality dry forage crops. Also, fooder corn, given its relatively high energy, is suitable for use as a low-cost daily feed for obese cows. It takes less labor and effort to produce every ton of Fodder corn than many other forage crops.

 livestock feed of corn is a popular feed for ruminant mammals because its energy and digestibility are very high and easily adapted to the mechanization process, from sustainable crop to livestock feed.

In addition, forage maize can effectively recycle plant nutrients, Especially large amounts of N and k

Characteristics forage corn  of livestock High quality

Fodder corn should have a low odor and a pleasant aroma a slight of vinegar. Its color should be light brown or dark green.  If the forage corn color is dark brown or has a fruity, sour, burnt or sour smell (butyric acid), it means that the forage maize is overheated or inappropriately fermented.

Understanding the process of fodder corn production often explains why some may be of poor quality.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fodder corn of livestock:

  • Save forage for dry seasons.
  • The animals remain in good condition.
  • At a better price, cows will have more milk.
  • Therefore, you will earn more in the dry seasons.

Disadvantages of Fodder corn :

But Fodder corn also has disadvantages.

Moving it to far distant places is difficult .

Also, forage maize can increase soil erosion potential and subsequent damage to soil productivity, as soil conservation operations are not part of the forage maize production system.

It is important to remember that most farmers admire packaged  corn . And they say it’s cheaper than the dry forage corn we used to have, and it has many benefits. Aria Sanat Asrar Co. is active in designing and manufacturing corn silage packing machine.

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