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Buying and selling of livestock institutions

Buying and selling livestock organization including wheat-barley-corn , cottonseed meal soybean and  Beet pulp etc…

Sale of corn silage

Sale of corn silage and corn silage to ​​tonnage 30. 350, 500, 700 and 1000 kilograms

The exclusive representation of the two companies Agronik and Orkel

Exclusive representation for the sale and after-sales service of Agronik Forage packing machine (made in Fland) and Orkel (made in Norway) for weighing 350,700,1000 kg in Iran

Manufacture and sale of the corn packing machine

Manufacturing and sales corn packing machine of 30 kg fully automatic vertical  MG (horizontal) by Arya Sanat Asrar Company

the other services of Arya Sanat Asrar Company

  • consultation

    Consultants with their training and expertise will help you to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your work. They can separate the situations and assist you in adopting appropriate methods.

  • Modify the method

    Correction of the storage method of livestock feed products is one of Arya Sanat Asrar’s main expertise. We will introduce you the best and most correct ways

  • Optimization

    Better optimization of your resources by the principles and techniques of the experts in this set will allow you to continue to work in the best possible conditions.

  • Making machines other than corn packing machine

    making another devices relation to agriculture products. This company proud to manufacture any machine related to farming with the best quality And put it at the disposal of the dear farmers.

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