Mechanized packaging of pistachio skin

pistachio shell packing

Pistachio shell packing


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Pistachio shell  peimary shell of pistachio

Every year more than a fifth of the food products of Third World countries In the form of waste due to corruption caused by various physical, chemical and biological factors In steps

Different planting, growing, harvesting, after harvest, distribution and consumption are eliminated. Pistachio is one of the important agricultural products of Iran, which is  According to the cultivated area its examines of the waste of this product  Is very important.

Ariya Sanat Asrar Company with expert staff with a Presentation comprehensive and practical design and Along with  experts supervision the Ministry of Jihad and Agriculture Produces a device for packing and mixing pistachios with other foods to prepare a new, tasty food for livestock. This fodder makes up 12% of protein with straw and concentrate a very good forage for livestock.

This product is in perfect harmony with the Resilient Economy conditions and makes pistachio waste turning into  forage for livestock. This is a revolutionary product and a Insert of the animal feed industry.

Pistachio peel packing machine

This machine is fully adapted to the economy of resistance and turns pistachio waste into a complete feed. It is a revolutionary product and one of the inserts in the livestock feed industry.

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