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set up Arya Sanat Asrar Company

Arya Sanat Asrar company

The main activity of the arya sanat asrar company  is emphasizing the completion of the mechanization of corn fodder including cultivation,growing, harvesting, packing,and silage With capability of   Movement and storage facility three year, Currently cultivating, growing and harvesting corn in the country has been fully mechanized but Unfortunately, transportation and making silo and utilization in  animal husbandry are done in the traditional way.

In order to complete the mechanization of the company by contract with two Norwegian companies (Orkel) and Finland (Agronik), the company has two representation of forage corn silage packaging machine And until now, there are four Oracle MP2000 devices for the Khuzestan Agricultural Jihad And bought a model device for the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad.

Thanks to the great god In May 2013, after five years of work and research, we could import the packaging machines  ۳۰ kg EM to market place successfully. And in the same year, we also developed a new MG device with research and specialized work on upgrading the EM system.

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