Green corn

Storing forage corn

Length of Green corn pieces:

Forage corn should be cut to 0.5-1.5 inches. Particles of this size can be packed more tightly into silos and are more tasty to cattle.

With a second cut, Green corn can be made with very good cuts. Doing so will increase the amount of dry matter that can be stored in a silo. But well-cuted forage maize is less tasty and shows less fat in the experiments. While this forage is the main source of feed for dairy cows.

Add water to corn forage in dry bestial

If the forage corn is too dry, You may need to add water to create air impermeable conditions.

As a general rule To increase the moisture content by 1% Add 4 gallon of water to each ton of corn.

How much does a cow eat forage maize ?

A classy cow can eat up to 30 kg of forage maize a day. To ensure that cow’s milk does not smell of corn, feed the cow after milking or at least 3 hours before.

Storing forage corn:

Forage maize must be tightly packed to minimize oxygen content, otherwise it will break down.

Corn enters the silo and goes into storage following the four main steps:

Pre-packing, which happens a few days after filling the silo And there is some loss of breath and dry matter (DM) But it stops.

Fermentation, which occurs over a period of several weeks its PH drops of DM lost more But the cellulose is decomposed and aerobic respiration stops.

Penetration: Penetration allows some oxygen and allows microbial respiration. Existing carbohydrates are destroyed in the way of heat and gas.

Emptying, which leaves the surfaces unprotected, causes additional damage, increasing the amount of damage.

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