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Forage corn packaging machine-Aria Sanat Asrar Company

Advantages of packaging over silos

Ordinary silos that are prepared underground with other methods for annual consumption should be opened on one side, which over time, these silos are exposed to various atmospheric factors and pests and animals, and many of their original quality of But the silo prepared by the packing machine is placed in small packages that can be stored, transported and consumed very easily even in very small farms, nomads, sheep farmers, ostrich breeders and traditional cattle breeders. Immediately after opening, it can be consumed daily and there is no need to worry about contamination or loss of quality and quantity.



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Forage corn packing machine

This machine is one of the types of packaging machines that are used in industry, agriculture, etc. These machines are able to pack and silage all kinds of fodder and pulp. Forage corn packing machine with corn packing in packages of 30 to 40 kg or desired weight, makes it possible to maintain all the properties in the forage.

Components of EM 30 kg fodder corn packing machine

Hopper feeder and corresponding conveyor

This department has two important tasks:

1- It is responsible for the uniform transfer of materials on the conveyor so that the machine can work with uniform weight.

2- It has the task of transferring materials from the hopper to the elevator of the device, which also performs the operation of opening the materials and preventing them from clumping during transfer.

Dimensions: 3680 (length) – 2540 (height) + 1500 (width) cm

Capacity: 240 kg per minute

Drive motor: 3 electric motors 2 hp, 3 phases, mixer


Vertical weighing and packing machine or the main chassis of the machine

The main chassis is the most important part of the device in which all the main work and operations of the production process are performed.

Dimensions: 5285 (height): 2420 (length): 1960 (width) cm

Capacity: 2.5 packages per minute

Drive motor: 10 hp electric motor, 3 phase (for hydraulic jacks)

1 hp, 3-phase electric motor (for discharge conveyor)

3 hp, 3-phase electric motor (for Mardon)

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Conveyor or machine lift

This section is responsible for transferring material from the hopper output to the top of the main chassis (inside the weighing system)

Dimensions: 10,000 (length) + 985 (height) * 900 (width) cm

Feeding capacity: 160 kg per minute

Drive motor: and 3-horsepower, 3-phase electric motor





Advantages of using a 30 kg packaging machine

-Prepare healthy feed for livestock

– Prevention of waste in livestock silos and no loss of quality and weight

Maintaining the quality and health of fodder corn for one year in suitable storage conditions

– Very easy to carry and maintain

Absence of any contamination such as fungi, bacteria and pests

-Storage for tap water inside the package

– Easy to transport these packages in any situation and any place

– It can be moved and consumed without any change, and in terms of maintenance, the problem does not include a specific place and has no contact with the outside environment, and this guarantee confirms its survival.

– Prevent any fodder corn waste with a minimum of weight loss

– Reduction of fixed costs due to the construction of silos

-Easy preparation of silage

-Minimum cost of packaging and manpower

-Increase the storage time and easy transportation of fodder

– Prevent the spread of disease to livestock

– Increase production due to lower livestock disease

pistachio shell packing machine - arya sanat asrar

Packing pistachio skin

بسته بندی مکانیزه پوست پسته

بسته بندی پوست پسته

همه ساله بیش از یک پنجم فرآورده‌های غذایی کشورهای جهان سوم به صورت ضایعات بر اثر فساد ناشی از عوامل گوناگون فیزیکی، شیمیایی و بیولوژیکی در مراحل مختلف کاشت، داشت، برداشت، پس از برداشت، توزیع و مصرف از بین می‌روند.پسته نیز یکی از محصولات مهم کشاورزی ایران است که با توجه به سطح زیر کشت آن بررسی ضایعات این محصول اهمیت خاصی می‌یابد.شرکت آریا صنعت اسرار با کادری مجرب و متخصص با ارائه یک طراح جامعه و عملی همراه با نظارت کارشناسان وزارت جهاد و کشاورزی دستگاهی را برای بسته بندی مکانیزه پوست پسته با دیگر مواد غذایی جهت تهیه غذای جدید، مقوی برای دام تولید نموده اند.

این علوفه بالای ۱۲% پروتئین همراه با کاه و کنستانتره علوفه بسیار خوب و کاملی را برای دام تشکیل می‌دهد

دستگاه بسته بندی پوست پسته

 این دستگاه کاملا با شرایط اقتصاد مقاومتی هماهنگ بوده و ضایعات پسته را تبدیل به یک خوراک کامل دام می‌کند.این یک محصول انقلابی و درج یک در صنعت خوراک دام می‌باشد .

corn silage packing machine

Corn silage packing machine , a new trend in corn silage packaging

new trend in corn silage packaging:

Many farmers can use a new product called ” Corn silage packing

machine ” to wrap corn in multi-kilo packages and compress it.

According to forage corn experts, corn packaging systems and devices were introduced in the mid-1990s that Used for packing nutritious, high quality and durable corn silage. This device has been used in several developed countries such as the Netherlands. That helps farmers feed their flocks in an easy and affordable way.

The packing machine removes the forage from the soil and packs it into large rolls. Then, using white nylon sheets, she wraps and closes the rolls. then puts the packs on the floor in the final step.

Benefits of Corn Silage Packing Machine :

  •  corn silage packaging machines can pack forage in packages of 350 to 400 kg
  • The forages are packaged in quality materials with the help of a machine The freshness of the forage is guaranteed. It should be noted that all of these steps occur within minutes.
  •  This machine can pack forage in two ways They can be picked up and packed directly from the farm Or packing previously harvested fodder into a hole.
  • this machine improves how to pack and store corn silage for farmers who own a dairy farm or those who have a dairy factory. And that means higher milk production and higher profit margins.

Experts recommend this device to farmers who are consulted on aspects of vital or storage and forage management.

Benefits of packaged corn :

One of the benefits of packaged forage is that they are easy to transport using pickups and trucks. This can encourage farmers to buy corn silage packing machines.

Most of the farmers have admired packaged corn silage and say it is cheaper than the Dried fodder we used to use and has many benefits.

Pictures Related to Corn silage Packing Machine :

Corn silage packing machine - دستگاه بسته بندی ذرت علوفه ای

Corn silage packing machine - دستگاه بسته بندی ذرت علوفه ای

Corn silage packing machine - دستگاه بسته بندی ذرت علوفه ای

Corn silage packing machine - دستگاه بسته بندی ذرت علوفه ای

Corn silage packing machine - دستگاه بسته بندی ذرت علوفه ای

hail control device

What is an Anti hail Device ? how it works?

Hail control device

Before the 80s, humans tried to change the climate by using dance hybaran, prayers, spell, ringing church bells. over time, an interesting new form of changing  technology of climate and reforming climate change  came to be called the Anti Hail Device

What is an Anti hail Device ?

An anti hail device is a shock wave generator that disrupts the formation of hail beads in the atmosphere.

The anti hail system was used to prevent or reduce severe damage to crops . This device can be attributed to an Italian mineralogist, who came up in 1880 with the idea of preventing the formation of hailstorms by injecting smoke particles into thunderstorms by using a hailstorm. In the early 1990s, shock waves were produced by gunpowder, which was both dangerous and time consuming.

At that time, many more hail machines had to be installed so that they could affect the formation of hail grains in an unpleasant way.

Today, anti hail devices produce shock waves that disrupt hail storms. These waves are produced by the use of acetylene or butane gas, causing the shock waves to be produced stronger and more frequently by the anti-hail device, which is significantly effective in preventing the formation and growth of hail beads.

Anti hail device application in the past

In French wine-producing areas, church bells sounded like a custom at the time of the storm, which was later replaced by throwing or firing bullets, cannons and anti hail devices .

How new anti-hail systems work

A mixture of acetylene and oxygen is ignited in the lower chamber of the anti-hail device . The blast then passes through the conduit and enters the conical chamber and creates a shock wave (shock waves). This shock wave then moves upward through the cloud formation, a chaos and disorder that anti-hail device manufacturers claim disrupts hail phase growth.

Anti-hail device repeatedly every 4 seconds during the period when the storm is approaching And as it passes through the area, it shoots and turns hailstones into watery snow or rain.

How to protect yourself against hailstorms?

The general rule an anti-hail device is to prevent the formation, growth, and absorption of hail grains Reduces the cost of hail damage. Due to the shock waves coming from the anti-hail device The cooled water in the outer layer of the hail grains turns from liquid to solid.

Therefore, the core nuclei of hail grains are no longer able to melt. And they stay small in size, so they don’t damage the ground when they hit the ground.

 The right time to use anti-hail devices

An anti-hail device is not effective against hail grains already formed Therefore, the most important requirement for using an anti-hail device is when to use it and get started. Anti-hail device should start operating 20 minutes before hailstorm or hailstorm begins  The performance of the anti-hail device is reduced by the delay in startup. If the anti-hail device is activated as the storm begins

Its performance will be very low because an anti-hail device will have little effect on the previously formed hail grains Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use an anti-hail device to protect against meteorological radar equipment or weather alarms.

Manufacturers claim that anti-hail devices have the ability to turn hail grains into watery snow or rain. The important thing is to turn on the device as the storm approaches, so that it can affect hail grains that are growing. However, all manufacturers believe that the anti-hail effect area is only 100 to 200  square meters upward.

Anti hail device features :

Many new anti-hail devices are portable

Installation of anti-hail devices does not require any basic tasks.

To prevent potential dangers of portable anti-hail device To prevent potential dangers of portable anti-hail device The system is equipped with a GPS, activated by setting the location coordinates, and if the location changes abruptly and unauthorized, the system is deactivated and notifies the operator.

 Anti-hail devices have a central control system.

Anti-hail devices can change data within the GPRS range.

For the convenience of anti-hail device operators, its system has an Android app that can be installed on Android devices.

For fast data processing and transfer, the electronic control unit of the anti-hail system is equipped with a dual-core processor.

The anti-hail system is equipped with a fuel injection system and its fuel consumption is optimized.

The anti-hail device has a dual high voltage system.

Anti-hail devices have a special valve for storing air.

Anti-hail devices have a Special valve for storing air.

To make the system smarter, the anti-hail device is equipped with various sensors.

packing machine

Types of packing machine and their applications

The packing machine performs the packaging process step by step

The packing machine performs the packaging process step by step

There are various types of packing machine available in the market such as sealing machine, filling machine Filling station, strapping or connecting device, Packaging with nylon or paper sheets  Encoder and labeling machine.

Packing Machine Bag or Bottle Filling

Packing Machine Bag or Bottle Filling


This type of machine is used to fill products such as yogurt, cream, juice and many more.

The operator can easily access the bottle or bag filling machine, Because this device, presented the instruction manual to operator for repair, maintenance. In this way, the packing roll is first placed in the machine and then in a bag, filling the elements and finally sealed by the sealer.

Vacuum packing machine

They are a creative type of machinery that is useful for home and business purposes. These machines are used to pack various types of products such as food, electronics and even important documents  and Available in several different models and used in large industrial units.

  • Bottle Packing Machine


Bottle Packing Machine


Made of stainless steel, these devices are suitable for semi-liquid and full liquid products

These semi-automatic and fully automatic machines are used to fill and close the bottle cap.

The filling system of these devices is multipurpose. A device for a wide range of adaptable and customizable products. It is easy to use and clean and has high standards.

  • Pipe Packing Machine

This machine can be used to fill and close the plastic tube cap. It is also used for semi-liquid products with special seal temperatures and clamps. These devices are designed to fill products such as food products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

  •  Filling machine and Sealing the Mug

It is designed to fill liquids such as milk and water that can also fill in semi-liquid products such as jam, mayonnaise, butter, syrup, cream and some similar products. Filling machine and mug seal are available in 2 different types Which are semi-automatic and automatic. These devices are precise and reliable and have continuous, non-stop operation.

He took the corn and the forage out of the soil and packed it into big rolls, Then, using white nylon sheets, roll and wrap the rolls . Then they put the packs on the floor in the final step. The forages are packaged in high quality materials with the help of this machine, so the freshness of the forage is guaranteed.

  • Labeling machines

Labeling is very important for a product like other packaging processes

A label is capable of capturing consumers, providing information about the product and allowing consumers to identify each product differently from other products.

Product labeling can be hidden or placed on top, bottom, front and back of the product, meaning the label can be printed and applied to the product.

Labeling machines, like all other packaging machines, have different shapes depending on the type of application. Like bottle packaging machines, labeling equipment can also be used for small-scale packaging or for large-scale, high-speed packaging.

  • Compact packaging machines

Is a plastic wrap method that provides more support when moving products , Wraps around the packages in full pallets. When the pallets are fully packed and ready to be shipped, the wrapping wraps around the pallet and all the boxes. The machine creates a solid plastic layer around the boxes and pallets that hold them firmly in place. They can be used for packaging large pallets.

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Anti-hail system - Aria Sanat Asrar

anti hail system

Anti-hail system

_ The system is designed in both semi-smart and completely intelligent design.

The above-mentioned system for the protection of farms, agricultural gardens and industrial and urban spaces (parking of automobile companies) was made from the damage caused by the precipitation of hailstone Which was blown up by acetylene gas in a special explosive enclosure (reactor) To produce and distribute sound waves into thunderclouds  Which, through turbulence in ice crystals, caused to Disrupt the growth of hail grains is maked.

The anti-hail system makes it possible, before Hail precipitation and weather forecast, and the objective observation of the clouds, By firing strong sound waves into the  Hailing clouds Prevent hail and turn into rain.

The sound of the explosion of the system is designed to protect and cover the radius of 600 meters of the surrounding area, in other words, more than 113 hectares of land Obviously, with the increase in distance from the anti-hail system, the protective capabilities of the device are reduced.

The anti-hail system’s mechanism is that by firing strong sound waves and successive explosion shocks into hailing clouds (cumulonimbus), Disrupts upstream currents And so there will be no droplets of water and moisture inside the clouds or the opportunity to go to the ground, or they will flow like rain to the ground before they climb to the upper layers of the atmosphere and become hail.

  • Question: Does anti-hail system cause environmental problems?

Answer: The anti-hail system does not cause any environmental problems, and it is also safe for living organisms, birds and the air transport system.

  • Question: Does the use of anti-hail system do  separate the clouds and reduce rain?

Answer: no. The anti-hail system only disrupts the hail formation mechanism in the hail cloudsIn other hands, the device prevents turning of available moisture and rain of clouds into the hail l And so the moisture in the clouds will go down  the ground In the form of rain.

  • Question:does any guarantee to the anti-hail system  ?

Answer: Yes. The anti-hail system has a one-year warranty for electrical and mechanical parts.

  • Question: How long should anti-hail system be active before hailing?

Answer: The principles of hail prevention are based on anti-hailing systems to prevent hail in the hail clouds. so, this device will be activated as soon as possible, Its efficiency will be greater. But as a general rule, This system should be activated immediately after observing hailing clouds dense in the sky and the possibility of hail  And the minimum time needed to prevent hail is about 15 minutes.

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