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Forage corn packaging machine-Aria Sanat Asrar Company

Advantages of packaging over silos

Ordinary silos that are prepared underground with other methods for annual consumption should be opened on one side, which over time, these silos are exposed to various atmospheric factors and pests and animals, and many of their original quality of But the silo prepared by the packing machine is placed in small packages that can be stored, transported and consumed very easily even in very small farms, nomads, sheep farmers, ostrich breeders and traditional cattle breeders. Immediately after opening, it can be consumed daily and there is no need to worry about contamination or loss of quality and quantity.



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Forage corn packing machine

This machine is one of the types of packaging machines that are used in industry, agriculture, etc. These machines are able to pack and silage all kinds of fodder and pulp. Forage corn packing machine with corn packing in packages of 30 to 40 kg or desired weight, makes it possible to maintain all the properties in the forage.

Components of EM 30 kg fodder corn packing machine

Hopper feeder and corresponding conveyor

This department has two important tasks:

1- It is responsible for the uniform transfer of materials on the conveyor so that the machine can work with uniform weight.

2- It has the task of transferring materials from the hopper to the elevator of the device, which also performs the operation of opening the materials and preventing them from clumping during transfer.

Dimensions: 3680 (length) – 2540 (height) + 1500 (width) cm

Capacity: 240 kg per minute

Drive motor: 3 electric motors 2 hp, 3 phases, mixer


Vertical weighing and packing machine or the main chassis of the machine

The main chassis is the most important part of the device in which all the main work and operations of the production process are performed.

Dimensions: 5285 (height): 2420 (length): 1960 (width) cm

Capacity: 2.5 packages per minute

Drive motor: 10 hp electric motor, 3 phase (for hydraulic jacks)

1 hp, 3-phase electric motor (for discharge conveyor)

3 hp, 3-phase electric motor (for Mardon)

Be sure to read: Click to view projects.

Conveyor or machine lift

This section is responsible for transferring material from the hopper output to the top of the main chassis (inside the weighing system)

Dimensions: 10,000 (length) + 985 (height) * 900 (width) cm

Feeding capacity: 160 kg per minute

Drive motor: and 3-horsepower, 3-phase electric motor





Advantages of using a 30 kg packaging machine

-Prepare healthy feed for livestock

– Prevention of waste in livestock silos and no loss of quality and weight

Maintaining the quality and health of fodder corn for one year in suitable storage conditions

– Very easy to carry and maintain

Absence of any contamination such as fungi, bacteria and pests

-Storage for tap water inside the package

– Easy to transport these packages in any situation and any place

– It can be moved and consumed without any change, and in terms of maintenance, the problem does not include a specific place and has no contact with the outside environment, and this guarantee confirms its survival.

– Prevent any fodder corn waste with a minimum of weight loss

– Reduction of fixed costs due to the construction of silos

-Easy preparation of silage

-Minimum cost of packaging and manpower

-Increase the storage time and easy transportation of fodder

– Prevent the spread of disease to livestock

– Increase production due to lower livestock disease

pistachio shell packing machine - arya sanat asrar

Packing pistachio skin

بسته بندی مکانیزه پوست پسته

بسته بندی پوست پسته

همه ساله بیش از یک پنجم فرآورده‌های غذایی کشورهای جهان سوم به صورت ضایعات بر اثر فساد ناشی از عوامل گوناگون فیزیکی، شیمیایی و بیولوژیکی در مراحل مختلف کاشت، داشت، برداشت، پس از برداشت، توزیع و مصرف از بین می‌روند.پسته نیز یکی از محصولات مهم کشاورزی ایران است که با توجه به سطح زیر کشت آن بررسی ضایعات این محصول اهمیت خاصی می‌یابد.شرکت آریا صنعت اسرار با کادری مجرب و متخصص با ارائه یک طراح جامعه و عملی همراه با نظارت کارشناسان وزارت جهاد و کشاورزی دستگاهی را برای بسته بندی مکانیزه پوست پسته با دیگر مواد غذایی جهت تهیه غذای جدید، مقوی برای دام تولید نموده اند.

این علوفه بالای ۱۲% پروتئین همراه با کاه و کنستانتره علوفه بسیار خوب و کاملی را برای دام تشکیل می‌دهد

دستگاه بسته بندی پوست پسته

 این دستگاه کاملا با شرایط اقتصاد مقاومتی هماهنگ بوده و ضایعات پسته را تبدیل به یک خوراک کامل دام می‌کند.این یک محصول انقلابی و درج یک در صنعت خوراک دام می‌باشد .

Mechanized packaging of pistachio skin

pistachio shell packing

Pistachio shell packing


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Pistachio shell  peimary shell of pistachio

Every year more than a fifth of the food products of Third World countries In the form of waste due to corruption caused by various physical, chemical and biological factors In steps

Different planting, growing, harvesting, after harvest, distribution and consumption are eliminated. Pistachio is one of the important agricultural products of Iran, which is  According to the cultivated area its examines of the waste of this product  Is very important.

Ariya Sanat Asrar Company with expert staff with a Presentation comprehensive and practical design and Along with  experts supervision the Ministry of Jihad and Agriculture Produces a device for packing and mixing pistachios with other foods to prepare a new, tasty food for livestock. This fodder makes up 12% of protein with straw and concentrate a very good forage for livestock.

This product is in perfect harmony with the Resilient Economy conditions and makes pistachio waste turning into  forage for livestock. This is a revolutionary product and a Insert of the animal feed industry.

Pistachio peel packing machine

This machine is fully adapted to the economy of resistance and turns pistachio waste into a complete feed. It is a revolutionary product and one of the inserts in the livestock feed industry.

corn silge

Livestock Forage Corn – Quality Forage Corn Properties – Its Advantages and Disadvantages

What is a forage corn of livestock?

Livestock forage corn is used as a high-energy feed for dairy cows. Forage corn is the most important crop for high-yielding herds and is important in farms that have problems producing or purchasing high quality dry forage crops. Also, fooder corn, given its relatively high energy, is suitable for use as a low-cost daily feed for obese cows. It takes less labor and effort to produce every ton of Fodder corn than many other forage crops.

 livestock feed of corn is a popular feed for ruminant mammals because its energy and digestibility are very high and easily adapted to the mechanization process, from sustainable crop to livestock feed.

In addition, forage maize can effectively recycle plant nutrients, Especially large amounts of N and k

Characteristics forage corn  of livestock High quality

Fodder corn should have a low odor and a pleasant aroma a slight of vinegar. Its color should be light brown or dark green.  If the forage corn color is dark brown or has a fruity, sour, burnt or sour smell (butyric acid), it means that the forage maize is overheated or inappropriately fermented.

Understanding the process of fodder corn production often explains why some may be of poor quality.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fodder corn of livestock:

  • Save forage for dry seasons.
  • The animals remain in good condition.
  • At a better price, cows will have more milk.
  • Therefore, you will earn more in the dry seasons.

Disadvantages of Fodder corn :

But Fodder corn also has disadvantages.

Moving it to far distant places is difficult .

Also, forage maize can increase soil erosion potential and subsequent damage to soil productivity, as soil conservation operations are not part of the forage maize production system.

It is important to remember that most farmers admire packaged  corn . And they say it’s cheaper than the dry forage corn we used to have, and it has many benefits. Aria Sanat Asrar Co. is active in designing and manufacturing corn silage packing machine.

Green corn

Storing forage corn

Length of Green corn pieces:

Forage corn should be cut to 0.5-1.5 inches. Particles of this size can be packed more tightly into silos and are more tasty to cattle.

With a second cut, Green corn can be made with very good cuts. Doing so will increase the amount of dry matter that can be stored in a silo. But well-cuted forage maize is less tasty and shows less fat in the experiments. While this forage is the main source of feed for dairy cows.

Add water to corn forage in dry bestial

If the forage corn is too dry, You may need to add water to create air impermeable conditions.

As a general rule To increase the moisture content by 1% Add 4 gallon of water to each ton of corn.

How much does a cow eat forage maize ?

A classy cow can eat up to 30 kg of forage maize a day. To ensure that cow’s milk does not smell of corn, feed the cow after milking or at least 3 hours before.

Storing forage corn:

Forage maize must be tightly packed to minimize oxygen content, otherwise it will break down.

Corn enters the silo and goes into storage following the four main steps:

Pre-packing, which happens a few days after filling the silo And there is some loss of breath and dry matter (DM) But it stops.

Fermentation, which occurs over a period of several weeks its PH drops of DM lost more But the cellulose is decomposed and aerobic respiration stops.

Penetration: Penetration allows some oxygen and allows microbial respiration. Existing carbohydrates are destroyed in the way of heat and gas.

Emptying, which leaves the surfaces unprotected, causes additional damage, increasing the amount of damage.

manufacture new MG device - arya sanat asrar

manufacture new MG device

Advantages of MG device compared to EM:

1-Due to the segmentation of the weighing section from product press, the packaging speed of the machine has Increased to 3.5 packs per minute.

2-Due to separation of press parts from sewing and packaging, Excess water is completely evacuated from corn And after the packing step is done which This makes it important to prevent the formation Corruption of corn and increase the shelf-life of the product.

3-In the design and manufacture of the new MG device , the bottom of the device is a press-fitting machine that pushes the package before stitching, so that the air is completely drained and then sewn, which will improve the product and product durability.

4-The sewing system is mainly of thermal type in packaging machines Which was vertical on the previous device Which is sometimes due to the pressure of the sewing area during packing, causing problems such as the reduction of stiffness and the safety factor of the sewing point Which causes the rupture and penetration of the air in the course of time Which leads to corruption of product

which This problem was resolved with making the horizontal  packaging system  in the new device And the system is designed to cool down the sewing area during the packaging and exit of the machine, and no problems occur.

5-Optimized PLC system instead of LOGO in the control system and use the touch system in control instead of the keyboard.

6-Using the sensor instead of the microswitch (despite the moisture in the device there is a possibility of failure for the microswitch)

7-Using 24V instead of 360V in sewing and electrodelectric strips

8-Securing dangerous and sensitive points of the MG device with metallic guards

9-Use the conveyor system at the bottom of the MG device to transport the packages to the warehouse

Design and manufacture of MG packaging machine is done by arya sanat asrar Company

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