hail control device

What is an Anti hail Device ? how it works?

Hail control device

Before the 80s, humans tried to change the climate by using dance hybaran, prayers, spell, ringing church bells. over time, an interesting new form of changing  technology of climate and reforming climate change  came to be called the Anti Hail Device

What is an Anti hail Device ?

An anti hail device is a shock wave generator that disrupts the formation of hail beads in the atmosphere.

The anti hail system was used to prevent or reduce severe damage to crops . This device can be attributed to an Italian mineralogist, who came up in 1880 with the idea of preventing the formation of hailstorms by injecting smoke particles into thunderstorms by using a hailstorm. In the early 1990s, shock waves were produced by gunpowder, which was both dangerous and time consuming.

At that time, many more hail machines had to be installed so that they could affect the formation of hail grains in an unpleasant way.

Today, anti hail devices produce shock waves that disrupt hail storms. These waves are produced by the use of acetylene or butane gas, causing the shock waves to be produced stronger and more frequently by the anti-hail device, which is significantly effective in preventing the formation and growth of hail beads.

Anti hail device application in the past

In French wine-producing areas, church bells sounded like a custom at the time of the storm, which was later replaced by throwing or firing bullets, cannons and anti hail devices .

How new anti-hail systems work

A mixture of acetylene and oxygen is ignited in the lower chamber of the anti-hail device . The blast then passes through the conduit and enters the conical chamber and creates a shock wave (shock waves). This shock wave then moves upward through the cloud formation, a chaos and disorder that anti-hail device manufacturers claim disrupts hail phase growth.

Anti-hail device repeatedly every 4 seconds during the period when the storm is approaching And as it passes through the area, it shoots and turns hailstones into watery snow or rain.

How to protect yourself against hailstorms?

The general rule an anti-hail device is to prevent the formation, growth, and absorption of hail grains Reduces the cost of hail damage. Due to the shock waves coming from the anti-hail device The cooled water in the outer layer of the hail grains turns from liquid to solid.

Therefore, the core nuclei of hail grains are no longer able to melt. And they stay small in size, so they don’t damage the ground when they hit the ground.

 The right time to use anti-hail devices

An anti-hail device is not effective against hail grains already formed Therefore, the most important requirement for using an anti-hail device is when to use it and get started. Anti-hail device should start operating 20 minutes before hailstorm or hailstorm begins  The performance of the anti-hail device is reduced by the delay in startup. If the anti-hail device is activated as the storm begins

Its performance will be very low because an anti-hail device will have little effect on the previously formed hail grains Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use an anti-hail device to protect against meteorological radar equipment or weather alarms.

Manufacturers claim that anti-hail devices have the ability to turn hail grains into watery snow or rain. The important thing is to turn on the device as the storm approaches, so that it can affect hail grains that are growing. However, all manufacturers believe that the anti-hail effect area is only 100 to 200  square meters upward.

Anti hail device features :

Many new anti-hail devices are portable

Installation of anti-hail devices does not require any basic tasks.

To prevent potential dangers of portable anti-hail device To prevent potential dangers of portable anti-hail device The system is equipped with a GPS, activated by setting the location coordinates, and if the location changes abruptly and unauthorized, the system is deactivated and notifies the operator.

 Anti-hail devices have a central control system.

Anti-hail devices can change data within the GPRS range.

For the convenience of anti-hail device operators, its system has an Android app that can be installed on Android devices.

For fast data processing and transfer, the electronic control unit of the anti-hail system is equipped with a dual-core processor.

The anti-hail system is equipped with a fuel injection system and its fuel consumption is optimized.

The anti-hail device has a dual high voltage system.

Anti-hail devices have a special valve for storing air.

Anti-hail devices have a Special valve for storing air.

To make the system smarter, the anti-hail device is equipped with various sensors.

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