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Corn silage packaging

The main activity of the company is emphasizing on completing the forage crop mechanization chain, including cultivation, growing, harvesting , Corn silage packaging with a three year storage and the transfer capability , Currently the cultivation, growing ,harvesting  of corn in the country is fully mechanized, but unfortunately, transportation and silo operations and utilization in livestock farms are carried out in the traditional way.

Representing two types of corn silage packaging machine

In order to complete the mechanization chain, the company has a contract with two Norwegian companies (Orkel) and Finland (Agronik) to represent two types of forage corn silage packaging machine And up to now, four Orcal MP2000 machines have been purchased for the Khuzestan agricultural Jihad and a Agronik machine for the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad. With the grace of God in 2013, after five years of  work and research  work, we were able to import the 30kg EM packaging machine successfully  And in the same year, we also developed a new MG device with research and expert work on improving the EM system.

Services and activities of the company

Manufacturing and sales of corn silage packaging  full-automatic machines, 30 kg vertical MG (horizontal)

Reseller and after-sales services packaging of corn silage of 350kg Agronik (made in Finland) 350,000 and 700kg of Orkel (made in Norway) in Iran

Sale of fodder corn and  corn silage  ​​to tonage 30. 350, 500, 700 and 1000 kilograms

Purchase and sale of livestock including wheat – barley – corn – Cotton seed meal – soybeans and beet pulp, etc … ..