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anti hail system

Anti-hail system

_ The system is designed in both semi-smart and completely intelligent design.

The above-mentioned system for the protection of farms, agricultural gardens and industrial and urban spaces (parking of automobile companies) was made from the damage caused by the precipitation of hailstone Which was blown up by acetylene gas in a special explosive enclosure (reactor) To produce and distribute sound waves into thunderclouds  Which, through turbulence in ice crystals, caused to Disrupt the growth of hail grains is maked.

The anti-hail system makes it possible, before Hail precipitation and weather forecast, and the objective observation of the clouds, By firing strong sound waves into the  Hailing clouds Prevent hail and turn into rain.

The sound of the explosion of the system is designed to protect and cover the radius of 600 meters of the surrounding area, in other words, more than 113 hectares of land Obviously, with the increase in distance from the anti-hail system, the protective capabilities of the device are reduced.

The anti-hail system’s mechanism is that by firing strong sound waves and successive explosion shocks into hailing clouds (cumulonimbus), Disrupts upstream currents And so there will be no droplets of water and moisture inside the clouds or the opportunity to go to the ground, or they will flow like rain to the ground before they climb to the upper layers of the atmosphere and become hail.

  • Question: Does anti-hail system cause environmental problems?

Answer: The anti-hail system does not cause any environmental problems, and it is also safe for living organisms, birds and the air transport system.

  • Question: Does the use of anti-hail system do  separate the clouds and reduce rain?

Answer: no. The anti-hail system only disrupts the hail formation mechanism in the hail cloudsIn other hands, the device prevents turning of available moisture and rain of clouds into the hail l And so the moisture in the clouds will go down  the ground In the form of rain.

  • Question:does any guarantee to the anti-hail system  ?

Answer: Yes. The anti-hail system has a one-year warranty for electrical and mechanical parts.

  • Question: How long should anti-hail system be active before hailing?

Answer: The principles of hail prevention are based on anti-hailing systems to prevent hail in the hail clouds. so, this device will be activated as soon as possible, Its efficiency will be greater. But as a general rule, This system should be activated immediately after observing hailing clouds dense in the sky and the possibility of hail  And the minimum time needed to prevent hail is about 15 minutes.

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