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manufacture new MG device

Advantages of MG device compared to EM:

۱-Due to the segmentation of the weighing section from product press, the packaging speed of the machine has Increased to 3.5 packs per minute.

۲-Due to separation of press parts from sewing and packaging, Excess water is completely evacuated from corn And after the packing step is done which This makes it important to prevent the formation Corruption of corn and increase the shelf-life of the product.

۳-In the design and manufacture of the new MG device , the bottom of the device is a press-fitting machine that pushes the package before stitching, so that the air is completely drained and then sewn, which will improve the product and product durability.

۴-The sewing system is mainly of thermal type in packaging machines Which was vertical on the previous device Which is sometimes due to the pressure of the sewing area during packing, causing problems such as the reduction of stiffness and the safety factor of the sewing point Which causes the rupture and penetration of the air in the course of time Which leads to corruption of product

which This problem was resolved with making the horizontal  packaging system  in the new device And the system is designed to cool down the sewing area during the packaging and exit of the machine, and no problems occur.

۵-Optimized PLC system instead of LOGO in the control system and use the touch system in control instead of the keyboard.

۶-Using the sensor instead of the microswitch (despite the moisture in the device there is a possibility of failure for the microswitch)

۷-Using 24V instead of 360V in sewing and electrodelectric strips

۸-Securing dangerous and sensitive points of the MG device with metallic guards

۹-Use the conveyor system at the bottom of the MG device to transport the packages to the warehouse

Design and manufacture of MG packaging machine is done by arya sanat asrar Company

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